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We try to educate as well as breed beautiful pups, on this page you will find PDF forms and fact sheets about our dogs, Training tips, dog history and forms for purchasing a pup. Should you have a question that you need help with we are all ways happy to talk about dogs. To us having a happy confident puppy is the start to having a well adjusted dog. Dogs are a product of there owner  

APPLICATION TO PURCHASE A PUPPY. we like to know a little about you. We need to be responsible to place pups in a good home, we do not just sell pups we make a loving connection 

Positive – redirection training is only giving your dog praise for good behavior and redirecting bad behavior.  Trust in any relationship is a 2 way street so this is the case with dogs as well

RSPCA SMART PUPPY BUYERS GUIDE this is the RSPCA smart puppy buying guide  

 As responsible  breeders we like to know more about you when you are buying a puppy. 

We do ask for evidence of residence & the environment the puppy will live. A puppy is a life commitment and we need to be sure that you will be committed for the life of a dog 

You can find puppy application form in facts and forms page 

Your pup will have pedigree papers. Puppy pack with food, water, dish, collar with lead, baby blanket, some toys and 

puppy book (display book with all information) with vet book, all about mum and dad, what i have on grand parents, feeding your puppy, training advice.

we are available any time for visits, just tell us when you would like to visit so we make sure we are here.. ill be making a tour video very soon 

What training will my puppy have before coming home?

Whilst your puppy is growing they will get to play with my grand children to get them comfortable around children. They will be thought to be soft on the mouth,

 this makes vet visits and hand feeding so much better. then collar and lead training so you are able to walk with your pup. We believe having the starting of basic training started as soon as possible is very important. Not to soon obviously but as they develop to the right stage. one on one lead training will start at 6 weeks for-instance with mum & dad's couching 

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