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Kazzablanka Scarlet 
" Scarlet"              D.O.B 15/8/19

Kazzablanka Whitney


whitney is our pet and mascot only  as she has been very
accident prone in the past and was advised by our vets not to breed from her as it could be to risky for her so at the end of the day we are going to do what is best for her.  
whitney is a lovey dog with lots of personality and sass, although she is deaf she is a very smart girl and a quick learner,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, knows what you are saying to her if she is looking at you and will do almost anything for food like most staffies! 

Ready for retirement, available to purchase

scarlet is a beautiful girl who is very smart,that would rather cuddle than play ball and will do almost anything for a treat, she loves to play with her sisters olivia and whitney  


Kazzablanka Olivia

Olivia is a very loyal and sweet baby
She is wonderful with children & loves a good game of fetch, playing in water and having a good flat out run.  Olivia is very smart girl and has learnt many things quite quickly. She can try to out smart, if she should see the opportunity 

R.I.P  Sadly we lost Olivia to a nasty snake 

Kazzablanka Amira


Amba is a total sugar baby, just gives and wants sweet love 
to be continued  (still in edit )

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