History of the Rottweiler 

The Rottweiler over time has got a bad wrap due to bad owners. They were primarily a sheep dog in Germany used to drove sheep then also trusted to pull meat wagons. (Where the name meat dog came from) The tail was docked for pulling wagons as it some times would get caught in the wagon, not for looks. This practice has now been outlawed as there is no need for this.  A Rottweiler has incredible pulling power and in the united states pulling is shown as an art. Rottweilers were recognized as potential police dogs for their intelligence, loyalty, and strength. With this you need to keep in mind lead training is essential at an early age as they have a natural instinct to pull. They are a very trusting dog so showing trust is very important, with a loving but firm hand you can teach your Rottweiler just about any thing. 

As a sheep dog they were trusted to stay with the herd to guard them at keep them from harm. You will find this to come naturally around children as the Rottweiler will see your children as his/her flock. A Rottweiler will become destructive & bored if they have no company or some thing to watch over. Rottweilers are ideal family dog were you have children that love the outdoors. For more information copy and paste link to your browser